How Can Culinary Arts Unite A Community?

February 3, 2021

Having built a reputation as a premier chef in Dallas, Junior Borges set out to find and build his own restaurant concept, but discovered something greater — the opportunity to leave a legacy through an expansive culinary project that’s uniting a community.

The Village is an expansive neighborhood in Texas with over 10,000 residents, just minutes from Downtown Dallas. But the area has lacked the amenities and restaurants to truly make it an independent neighborhood. That is, until now.

Borges is overseeing the entire culinary operation for 12 restaurants, including a food hall and food mart, as a part of an elaborate upgrade to his neighborhood, and Executive Chef Andre Natera is taking a visit to the construction site of the largest culinary project in North Texas.

Roll in the crew. Break ground. It’s time to Run the Pass.

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