MarketScale Food & Beverage 12/18: Wine & Dine Online

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The way that people search for and buy food has been evolving rapidly over the last several years. Online searches and delivery services have replaced longstanding traditional methods of obtaining food and restaurant information. Managing these aspects of the business can be just as important to its longterm success as the food or beverage itself.

This episode of the Food & Beverage Podcast takes a look at the way millennials and generation X have changed how winemakers distribute their products and the importance for restaurants to manage their online reputation.

Wine: From the Vine to Your Front Door

Have we entered a new “golden era” in the wine industry? On this week’s episode of the Food and Beverage Podcast, correspondent Kailey Goerlitz had the tough task of learning about wine clubs and how millennials and generation X are paving the wave for a new “golden era” in the wine industry.

Millennials and generation X are the leading age group spending more money on wine than ever before. Priscilla Ashleigh, a top wine saleswoman from Direct Cellars, talks to us about how wine subscription boxes are changing the wine industry and how people buy their wine. No longer do people have to go to the stores for their weekly wines but instead can have it delivered right to their doors.

Your Online Reputation Precedes You

How do you go about finding a taco place near your house if you are hungry for tacos? Chances are you’re going to pick up your cell phone and search for tacos near your current location. But how do restaurants make sure their name is at the top of the search results? That’s where reputation management comes into play.

David “Rev” Ciancio is an expert in managing online reputations for restaurants and other businesses. He joined the podcast to explain the steps that restaurants can take to remain as visible as possible online. “Most people don’t understand the hidden secrets of reputation management,” says Ciancio. He also explains why restaurants need to be preparing now for the Alexa and Google Home revolution.

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