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January 6, 2021
Andre Natera


This January, Executive Chef Andre Natera is heading to a new city in the Lone Star State. You’ll follow Chef Natera as he travels to North Texas to take on Dallas, where he’ll explore the future of hospitality with the industry movers and shakers leading the way.

From chefs growing successful restaurants by building media channels to the changing luxury food market and an expansive culinary project that’s uniting a community – Run the Pass is back.

Katherine Clapner -January 7th

How will niche stores connect with their customers and maintain their role in their communities?

To answer that question, Executive Chef Andre Natera takes a visit to Dude Sweet Chocolate in Dallas’s historic Bishop Arts District.

Natera is meeting one on one with owner Katherine Clapner to find out how she has protected the company’s flagship location and bet on the shop’s tremendous growth potential in an expanding arena — online.

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Tiffany Derry – January 21st

How do you turn media exposure into revenue? Chef Andre Natera pays a visit to celebrity chef and CEO of Tiffany Derry Concepts, Tiffany Derry to try the perfect fried chicken and learn how building her own media channels has helped her grow successful restaurants.

Junior Borges & Anastacia Quinones – February 4th

Renown chef Junior Borges has been searching for his own restaurant and now he will have the opportunity to leave a legacy through an expansive culinary project that’s uniting a community.

Borges is overseeing the entire culinary operation for 12 restaurants including a food hall and food mart as a part of an elaborate upgrade to a neighborhood and Andre take a visit to the construction site that is making the largest project in Dallas happen.

Anastacia Quinones has risen in fame through a restaurant experience that doesn’t want to just be a genre of food but a port to the Jalisco life style. Chef Andre learns how the restaurants ownership partnered with the world famous “Ceramic King of Mexico”, José Noé Suro, to create a one of a kind restaurant adorned with his art

Peja Krstic – February 18th

You never know if you’re going to find your crowd or if your crowd will find you. Peja Krstic is building a burgeoning restaurant empire through the business lunch crowd.

After opening his first restaurant, Peja quickly found that his regulars were from nearby offices and he wanted to fully embrace what the lunch break can mean.

He has helped create a culinary experience in two of the busiest areas in the heart of downtown Dallas and has been a part of AT&T’s effort to build an xxx (Victory and AT&T)

Chef Andre has a full course meal with Peja Krstic to see how he has navigated the work from home norm and is planning to be a part of the office reopening.

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