Should Vending Operators Buy or Rent Machines?


The vending business isn’t exactly cutthroat, but it isn’t easy, either.

SandenVendo America President and CEO Mike Weisser said the industry is full of people who will help out those in need of a little advice or clarification on a challenge they’re facing, be it on the technology side or elsewhere.

“Let’s not forget the fellow vending operator as a resource,” Weisser said. “There’s not a lot of competitors within the vending operator market, and it really is like a family. Everyone is excited about the success of fellow vending operators. It’s a great resource.”

Weisser and his team are among those who happy to help, especially with some of the biggest questions vending operators have. Whether to purchase new or used equipment is often the most important decision. Scott Winters, Regional Business Manager for SandenVendo America, has decades of experience in the space and has seen operators choose both paths.

“New equipment provides the operator the peace of mind of knowing exactly what they’re getting, plus the warranty that backs up the equipment,” Winters said. “Purchasing used equipment could mean experiencing costs associated with service calls, repairs and downtime of equipment and, as a result, lost revenue and customer ill-will.”

The team tracks both technological innovation and regulatory changes of things like refrigerants to make sure its clients stay on the cutting edge. They’re particularly interested in how environmental regulations will evolve under a new U.S. president. You can be sure if you reach out to them for advice, they’ll have the latest and be happy to help.

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