Hammer Down with Dan Lindsey: Bridging the Broker-Carrier Trust Barrier in the Logistics Industry

June 6, 2024
Mike Bush


In today’s ever-evolving logistics industry, the relationship between freight brokers and trucking companies remains fraught with tension. This dynamic is crucial as it directly impacts the efficiency of goods movement across the country. Recent trends show a growing reliance on digital platforms, which, while enhancing technological efficiency, often undermine the essential human element of trust in these relationships.

How can the logistics sector bridge this trust gap between brokers and carriers?

In the latest episode of Hammer Down, host Mike Bush delves into this topic with Dan Lindsey, founder of the Carrier Broker Summit. The two explore the complexities of broker-carrier relationships, discuss the role of load boards, and consider the impact of venture capital on the logistics industry.

Key Discussion Points:

Trust and Relationship Building: Dan Lindsey emphasizes the necessity of trust as the foundation of any successful broker-carrier relationship and shares insights on how to cultivate it.
The Role of Load Boards: A nuanced discussion on the benefits and drawbacks of load boards in the logistics industry, highlighting their utility when used correctly.
Venture Capital’s Influence: Analyzing the mixed effects of venture capital investments on the logistics sector, especially regarding technological advancements and human relationships.

Dan Lindsey has over 20 years of experience in the transportation and logistics industry, with 15 of those years specifically in brokerage. He founded the Carrier Broker Summit to address the longstanding issues between brokers and carriers, striving to create a platform for constructive dialogue and collaboration. His career path includes significant roles at UPS, Roche Diagnostics, and TQL, as well as founding Linkage Logistics.

Article written by MarketScale.

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