Hammer Down at ACT Expo 2024: California Paves the Way for a Future of Clean Transportation

June 4, 2024
Mike Bush


The logistics industry is experiencing a pivotal shift towards sustainable practices, and this transformation was on full display at the recent ACT Expo in Las Vegas. With over 12,000 attendees, including industry giants like Volvo and Kenworth, as well as innovative startups like Horizon Motors and InductEV, the event was a hub of discussion on the future of logistics.

Hammer Down host Mike Bush had the opportunity to interview several industry leaders at the expo. Carlo Rodriguez, Managing Director of Electric Vehicles at Ryder System, highlighted the company’s comprehensive approach to EV integration with their RyderElectric+ initiative, providing turnkey solutions for electrification. Meanwhile, Alexia Bednarz, the Head of Sustainability at Nikola, emphasized the importance of adopting sustainable practices internally. The ACT Expo demonstrated that the industry is working towards a future of clean transportation.

Here are key insights from the event:

1. California Sets the Pace

California’s new regulations to phase out older diesel trucks from ports sparked significant discussions. While these regulations are crucial for reducing emissions, they present substantial infrastructure challenges that need to be addressed to make the shift successful.

2. Diverse Industry Engagement

The expo saw a broad spectrum of participants, including real estate investors, major retailers like IKEA, and tech companies like ChargePoint. These stakeholders explored how green logistics impacts their sectors.

3. The Role of Data and AI

Data and AI emerged as pivotal elements in revolutionizing logistics, with Volvo showcasing its new AI-driven autonomous truck. The increasing importance of data and AI in achieving efficiency and sustainability was a recurring theme, underscoring their role as the new “diesel” in the industry.

Article written by MarketScale.

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