Minimising Waste, Maximising Reusability of Returned Items: Streamlining the Returns Process with Two Boxes

May 10, 2024
Mike Bush


As ecommerce continues to dominate retail, the efficiency of handling returns becomes crucial for customer satisfaction and operational sustainability. The return rates for online purchases are significantly higher than those for brick-and-mortar stores, underscoring a major challenge for online retailers. In this environment, investing in technology to streamline the returns process is essential for reducing operational costs, enhancing customer loyalty, and maintaining a competitive edge in a crowded market.

How can technology streamline the returns process, transforming the complex process of handling ecommerce returns into a seamless experience for businesses and consumers alike?

Welcome to the latest episode of Hammer Down, where host Mike Bush dives into the innovative world of ecommerce returns with guest Ben Cronsberry. Cronsberry, who serves as the Head of Sales at Two Boxes, shares how their technology is making the returns process smoother for retailers and consumers.

The two discuss…

Technology in Action: How Two Boxes integrates with warehouse management systems to streamline returns.
Challenges and Solutions: Addressing common issues like incorrect or fraudulent returns through technology.
Sustainability and Efficiency: How tech solutions help minimize waste and maximize reusability of returned items.

With a robust background in logistics and technology, including a stint at Shopify, Ben Cronsberry brings deep insights into the challenges and innovations in ecommerce logistics. His expertise is in deploying technology solutions like Two Boxes that optimize warehouse operations and enhance the customer return experience.

Article written by MarketScale.

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