Cybersecurity in Healthcare: Addressing the Growing Threat

December 8, 2023
Mike Saylor


To keep up with the growing threats, cybersecurity in healthcare is a high-level priority.

The recent ransomware attack on Ardent Health underscores a stark reality for the healthcare industry: cyber threats are a significant and ongoing challenge.

Mike Saylor, the CEO of Blackswan Cybersecurity, LLC, sheds light on the complexities of cybersecurity in healthcare. With his rich background in IT and cybersecurity, Saylor underscores the importance of understanding the unique vulnerabilities of healthcare systems. He points out the need for comprehensive strategies that encompass technological solutions and education on cyber hygiene and best practices. Saylor’s insights are particularly relevant in today’s landscape, where healthcare organizations must navigate many challenges, from protecting patient data to ensuring the integrity of their interconnected systems. This video serves as a crucial guide for healthcare IT professionals, offering a roadmap to strengthen defenses against the relentless and evolving cyber threats.

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