Decoding Healthcare Finance: A Deep Dive with Dr. Cristian Leineck

September 8, 2023
Kevin Stevenson


Navigating the complexities of healthcare finance has become increasingly vital as hospitals and healthcare systems face multifaceted financial challenges. The pressure is mounting from the intricacies of managed care to the nuances of patient billing. Declining revenue and lower-than-average payment recoupment, coupled with increased expenses over the past few years due to the global pandemic, created a perfect storm, leading to a rise in hospital closures.

How do healthcare professionals navigate this intricate financial maze?

In the latest episode of I Don’t Care, host Kevin Stevenson sits down with Dr. Cristian Lieneck, Ph.D., a Professor at Texas State University and an expert in healthcare finance, to unravel the subject’s complexities.

Key discussion points include:

  • The challenges of determining true healthcare costs and setting appropriate charges
  • The impact of pay for performance and the implications of Medicare’s strategies on commercial payers
  • The increasing trend of managed care organizations acquiring physician practices and its implications

About Dr. Cristian Lieneck:

Dr. Lieneck is a professor at Texas State University and an award-winning educator and researcher. With over a decade of experience in both graduate and undergraduate programs in health administration, he brings a wealth of knowledge from his time as a practitioner in the field. Dr. Lieneck’s journey into health administration began with the army, where he served in various capacities, including running a field evacuation unit and overseeing dental clinics.

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