Gonna Party Like Healthcare Technology is Not From 1999

January 19, 2024
Brian Urban


In an era where technology has revolutionized almost every aspect of daily life, healthcare technology often seems stuck in the past. This lag has significant implications, especially as the industry navigates post-pandemic challenges and the evolving needs of a diverse population. A study by the Pew Research Center revealed that 81% of adults support increased digital access to health information for patients and providers. But how is the healthcare industry adapting to these needs?

Healthcare Rethink asks, how can healthcare technology evolve to meet patients’ current and future needs, particularly in digital and population health?

In this episode, hosted by Brian Urban, he welcomes Chelsea King Arthur, DrPH, a renowned Healthcare Policy, Strategy, and Innovation leader. Together, they examine the intersection of digital health and population health in 2024, exploring how these disciplines merge to create more patient-centric healthcare experiences.

Key Points of Discussion:

  • How the pandemic accelerated the shift towards meeting patients where they are and the need for specialized digital outreach
  • Tailoring digital health strategies to various segments of the population, ensuring accessibility and readability
  • The potential for digital health to foster long-term relationships with patients, moving beyond episodic care to continuous engagement

Dr. Chelsea King Arthur is a Vice President of Population and Digital Health with a background deeply rooted in personal experiences that shaped her passion for healthcare. Her journey began with a challenging family health crisis, leading her to vow to make healthcare more accessible and understandable. She has worked across various facets of healthcare, from financial aspects to health plan spaces.

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