Instrument Management Standardization in Multiple Facilities Shouldn’t Require a Paper Trail

September 26, 2023


Creating an instrument management standardization program for multiple facilities shouldn’t be a hassle and shouldn’t require mountains of physical paperwork.

In today’s digital age, reliance on paper processes in healthcare institutions is outdated and wasteful. According to recent data, American healthcare institutions waste more than five million tons of paper annually. This environmental degradation results in significant energy waste and increased costs. As healthcare institutions strive to adopt sustainable practices, the shift from paper to digital processes is imperative.

So, how can healthcare institutions transition from paper-heavy processes to more sustainable digital solutions that are also cost-effective?

Welcome to ConCensis, a Censis Technologies podcast. In this episode, host Gabrielle Bejarano welcomes Robby Miller, Sterile Processing Department Manager at St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center, to discuss the importance of instrument management standardization across multiple facilities.

Bejarano and Miller discuss the following:

  • The environmental and cost implications of relying on paper processes in healthcare
  • The challenges surrounding paper record retention and access
  • The benefits of transitioning to digital solutions like CensiTrac for efficient instrument management
  • Practical steps and strategies for healthcare institutions to adopt sustainable practices.

With over twenty-five years of experience at the facility and more than two decades leading sterile processing departments, Robby is a recognized expert in the field. He plays a pivotal role as a subject matter expert within his enterprise, Common Spirit Health, which spans 142 hospitals across 28 states. Robby’s expertise extends to the implementation and benefits of CensiTrac, the instrument-tracking system used across the enterprise. His insights into the importance of instrument management systems and the need for standardization across multiple facilities make him a valuable voice in the industry.

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