Much of Today’s Healthcare is Patient Responsibility: Fixing the Pain Points in Radiology

July 13, 2023
Kevin Stevenson


There are many cost-related pain points in radiology, the medical specialty focused on diagnosing and treating diseases using imaging technology. Healthcare costs continue to skyrocket, and the patient’s role has transitioned from passive recipient to active participant. With the advent of advanced imaging technology and a shift towards personalized healthcare, radiology has become a central pillar of medical care. However, this progress comes with challenges. In 2022, 38% of Americans delayed healthcare treatment due to the high costs, a significant portion of which is imaging related. These delays can lead to detrimental outcomes for patients with potentially curable diseases.

How can the pain points in radiology be alleviated, and what role does the patient play in this evolution? Are cost-saving solutions available?

I Don’t Care’s Kevin Stevenson spoke with a board-certified radiologist who takes a different approach to providing cost-reduction in radiology. Dr. Cristin Dickerson, founder, and CEO of Green Imaging, addressed the pressing issues of high-cost pain points in radiology and explored how patient empowerment can transform the healthcare landscape.

Stevenson and Dickerson discussed the following:

  • Green Imaging’s innovative model and its mission to offer affordable imaging
  • The opportunities and challenges associated with the integration of Green Imaging into the healthcare system
  • Current trends in imaging, including the contentious issue of reference-based pricing

Dr. Cristin Dickerson is a seasoned professional in the field of radiology. A graduate of the University of Texas, she completed her radiology residency at MD Anderson, one of the country’s most respected cancer centers. After a successful stint at the Diagnostic Clinic of Houston, she became involved in the business side of medicine, an experience that led her to establish Green Imaging. Leveraging her profound understanding of the healthcare industry’s pain points, Dickerson and her team at Green Imaging now work towards making healthcare more accessible and affordable for patients across the United States.

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