Patient Experience, the Most Valuable Investment Healthcare Leaders Can Make

January 12, 2024
Brian Urban


In a healthcare landscape increasingly focused on patient experience and accessibility, the latest episode of FinThrive’s Healthcare Rethink podcast couldn’t be timelier. With the healthcare industry grappling with challenges like medication adherence and patient accessibility, this conversation sheds light on innovative solutions. A striking fact to consider: despite advancements, a significant number of patients still struggle with medication adherence due to various barriers, emphasizing the need for change.

The core question of this episode revolves around how healthcare leaders can enhance patient experience and ensure medication adherence. The timing is particularly relevant with a healthcare system under scrutiny for its efficiency and effectiveness in patient care.

Healthcare Rethink host Brian Urban welcomes Matthew Hoff, CEO of A-S Medication Solutions. The episode delves into the transformative journey of A-S Medication Solutions, a company that has grown to provide point-of-care medication access across 50 states. The discussion covers the company’s history, unique approach to healthcare, and impact on patient experience and medication adherence.

Key points from Urban and Hoff’s conversation include:

  • The innovative approach of A-S Medication Solutions in simplifying medication access and adherence
  • The unique background of Matthew Hoff, from military service to leading a healthcare revolution
  • The challenges and opportunities in the current healthcare landscape, particularly in medication dispensing and patient experience

Matthew Hoff’s journey is as remarkable as his professional achievements. His transition from a military career to leading a healthcare company is a testament to his adaptability and commitment to significantly impacting the healthcare sector. His educational background and industry accolades further underscore his expertise and dedication to improving patient care.

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