Using Data and Asset-Management Solutions to Create Efficiencies in Healthcare and Eliminate Waste

August 11, 2023
Kevin Stevenson


Asset-management solutions utilizing data to drive decision-making could prove a winning strategy in reducing medical waste in healthcare and saving money.

As healthcare systems worldwide strive to optimize their operations, the issue of medical device sustainability and waste reduction has taken center stage. With U.S. hospitals reportedly losing multi-thousands of dollars on unused medical equipment, state-of-the-art inventory, and asset-management solutions are more pressing than ever. On average, hospitals generate 29 pounds of waste per bed daily and more than 5 million tons annually. A significant portion of this waste comes from unused medical supplies and equipment.

How can hospitals better manage their inventory, reduce waste, and save costs?

Welcome to I Don’t Care with Kevin Stevenson. In this episode, Stevenson welcomes guest Ashlea Souffrou, the Founder and President of SxanPro, a company dedicated to helping hospitals reduce waste and save money through innovative inventory management solutions.

In this episode, Stevenson and Souffrou discuss the following:

  • Souffrou’s journey from a sales division employee at Stryker to the founder of SxanPro
  • How SxanPro addresses the problem of medical waste in hospitals
  • An in-depth look at SxanPro’s innovative solutions: Judi, Sam, and Link

Ashlea Souffrou is a visionary leader in the medical device sustainability space. She started her career at Stryker, a leading medical technology company, right out of college. Her passion for helping hospitals reduce costs and recover waste led her to establish SxanPro. With her deep understanding of the challenges hospitals face in managing their inventory, she has led SxanPro to develop solutions that provide visibility into products that hospitals aren’t using, helping them reallocate dollars and transfer those products to other sites or hospitals that may need them. Her innovative approach to tackling medical waste has made her a respected figure in the industry.

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