2022 Trade Show Recaps

January 1, 2023

John Elliott, representing Carevive, shared valuable insights and takeaways from various industry conferences and events. In this recap, he highlighted key findings from the ASCO Quality Conference, American Society of Cancer Institute (ASCI) event, Community Cancer Association (CCA) conference, Oracle Cerner Health Conference, and JADPRO. John emphasized the importance of patient experience, implementation science, and the role of technology in addressing healthcare challenges. The industry’s focus on collaboration, equity, and multidisciplinary electronic patient-reported outcomes (ePROs) was also evident. Carevive’s presence as a thought leader in these events demonstrated their commitment to transforming oncology care and supporting healthcare professionals.

Key Themes and Takeaways:
The ASCO Quality Conference showcased the significance of ePROs, with Dr. Gabriel Roche from UAB leading conversations on their impact as a standard of care. The ASCI event celebrated Northwell Cancer Institute as the 106th site and emphasized health equity as a crucial focus. At the CCA conference, multidisciplinary ePROs emerged as a rising trend, extending beyond oncology to chronic diseases and other populations. The Oracle Cerner Health Conference emphasized the priority of patient experience and the need to bridge gaps in native EMR capabilities. Lastly, JADPRO highlighted the challenges faced by advanced practice nurses and the potential of technology to enhance their capabilities and alleviate staffing issues.

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