CurveBeam Connect: An Insider Look at the New CurveBeam Cloud Technology

Despite all of the challenges that the COVID-19 pandemic has brought us over the past year, it’s also shown us a silver lining: When it comes to the systems in our society, there’s so much that we can still improve on.

Take the medical field, for example. So many of us have waited weeks or months to get a medical procedure done, shuttling back and forth between labs and doctors’ offices, sometimes even for the smallest things.

However, a new development from CurveBeam is set to change all that.

On this episode of the CurveBeam Connect podcast, host and CurveBeam Marketing Director Vinti Singh met up with Turner Dean and Stuti Singh to talk about CurveBeam Cloud, the newest offering in the company’s suite of products. Dean, CurveBeam’s Vice President of Sales, and Singh, Senior Systems Engineer, have worked tirelessly to develop this product and have much to share about their latest development.

“We saw the opportunity to create an ecosystem where we could collaborate and solve a number of issues that our clients have had over the years in terms of managing their data sets and their information,” Dean said.

With the implementation of this new, cloud-based platform, “we see opportunity to eliminate time, expense, mistakes and errors, and make the process a lot more efficient and cost-effective,” he continued.

For the latest news and diagnostic imaging thought leadership from CurveBeam, as well as updates when the CurveBeam Cloud platform launches, visit our website at

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