Curvebeam Is Looking for Its Next V&V Engineer

March 26, 2021

Samantha Irving, Verification and Validation Manager, and the rest of the Curvebeam team are looking for their newest teammate, and it could be you.

The company is looking to hire a Verification and Validation Engineer, a role that will support the creation of system requirements that are verifiable.

“In this role, you would work on the creation of the system requirements and the formal test plans from those requirements,” Irving said. “You need to understand the system functionality to be able to perform ad hoc testing, as well as formal verification.”

The position would work out of Hatfield, Pennsylvania, with no travel required. Candidates with bachelor’s or associate’s degrees in a relevant technical or engineering discipline, as well as two years of related technical experience, are encouraged to apply.

Ideal candidates have a great attention to detail, an ability to think outside of the box, and finding ways to “break” the machine, essentially, to ensure that all challenges have been met head on. If this position were a member of a band, Irving said, it would be a drummer. Steady beats, steady testing, and a solo now and again to fix something that’s wrong.

To apply, visit and view the openings there.

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