CV/COS Webinar: Applications and Future Directions

January 1, 2023

At Carevive, we believe that data is a powerful tool that can revolutionize cancer care. In this video, we explore the diverse applications of our data and how it can drive better outcomes for patients and clinicians alike.

One crucial application lies in supporting patient-reported outcome (PRO) measure selection for clinical trial planning. Our real-time data from a standard-of-care population offers contemporary insights into FDA-relevant domains. Unlike historical trial data that can quickly become outdated due to rapidly evolving oncology standards, our data ensures up-to-date and relevant measure selection.

Furthermore, our data serves as a bridge between real-world data and clinical trials. With PRO measures similar in domain coverage and assessment frequency, comparing patient experiences on treatment becomes more comparable, enabling apples-to-apples comparisons for efficacy, safety, and tolerability assessments.

The ability to analyze population-level differences and individual time course changes remotely is yet another valuable aspect of our data. This feature proves instrumental in profiling the impact of care management interventions and predicting risk factors.

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