Synapses that Fire Together, Wire Together: How a Daily Text Helps Our Brains

May 2, 2024
James Kent


Can a daily text keep the brain healthy?

The ongoing mental health crisis spotlights the essential need for innovative approaches to mental health care. With the rise of digital health solutions, the conversation around behavioral health has intensified, reflecting a growing public demand for accessible and effective mental health resources. Recent studies reveal that nearly one in five U.S. adults live with a mental illness, underlining the urgent need for more comprehensive care solutions.

How can digital platforms and a daily text transform mental health care?

Hosted by Brian Urban, this episode of the Healthcare Rethink podcast features Johnny Crowder, CEO and Founder of Cope Notes, a text-based platform aimed at disrupting traditional mental healthcare methods. The discussion will explore how Crowder’s personal journey and professional background have fueled his passion for creating a platform that offers daily mental health support in a unique and impactful way.

Urban and Crowder’s conversation includes:

  • Exploring Cope Notes: How Crowder’s platform uses daily texts to aid mental health.
  • Crowder’s Journey: From personal struggles to pioneering a digital health tool.
  • The Human Element: Emphasizing personal connection in mental health treatment.

Johnny Crowder brings a rich background in mental health advocacy and digital innovation. As a survivor of abuse and mental illness, Crowder’s firsthand experiences have shaped his approach to mental health support, culminating in the creation of Cope Notes. His educational background in psychology complements his practical experience, making him a prominent figure in the mental health field.

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