Navigate Disruptions to Care that Affect Health, Budgets and Operations

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The healthcare landscape is growing more complex seemingly by the day – and that was leading the industry down a dark path toward worried patients and overwhelmed physicians when it comes to the intricate web of payments, budgeting and operations.

That’s why Co-founder and President Ryan Coplon formed HealthWallet.

The “health concierge” service offers a single app that includes plan info, prescription market information, telehealth, and much more, offering users “a suite of best-in-class digital healthcare technology features to bring convenience and transparency to the already complex and confusing healthcare system.”

On the premiere episode of Digital Disruption, Coplon joined host Daniel Litwin to explore how HealthWallet came to be, as well as the challenges he’s seen in the healthcare landscape that he hopes the company can answer and his forecast for future episodes of the show, which will continue to dive into difficult and challenging topics on the path toward better solutions.

“HealthWallet, at its core, is a benefits-aggregation platform,” Coplon said. “It’s a mobile-native technology system that aggregates a suite of benefits together and consolidates them.

“We’ve taken a pretty complex digital healthcare ecosystem and created an intentionally easy to understand and utilize mobile platform that not only will aggregate benefits together into an environment that’s easy to access for members and their families, but uses some proactive automation and technology to engage them in a timely way.”

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