The Key to Enhancing Healthcare Delivery for Millions? Transforming Medicaid with Technology

February 20, 2024
Brian Urban


In an era where healthcare is at the forefront of societal concerns, the need to transform Medicaid with technology is more urgent than ever. In the latest episode of Healthcare Rethink by FinThrive, host Brian Urban dives into this issue with Jeff Reid, Senior Vice President of Product at Gainwell Technologies.

Reid, who leads Gainwell’s Medicaid solutions, highlights the essential role of innovation in overcoming challenges like simplifying enrollment and incorporating social health factors. He paints a vision of a future where Medicaid operates with greater efficiency and accessibility, personalized through automation and partnerships. This vision emphasizes the importance of transforming Medicaid with technology to enhance healthcare delivery for millions and highlight a path toward a more responsive and effective system.

Article written by MarketScale.

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