Great Tech, with Good Heart…Uber Health & DUOS Bring the Love

April 8, 2024
Brian Urban


Great tech with a good heart? Technology may not be the first word that screams compassion in healthcare, but two tech-driven companies seek to change that perception.

The latest episode of the Healthcare Rethink podcast explores the intersection of technology and compassionate care. Host Brian Urban welcomes Caitlin Donovan, the Global Head of Uber Health, and Karl Ulfers, the Co-Founder & CEO of DUOS, to find out how great technology is enhanced by a good heart. The conversation illuminates healthcare tech’s current and future state, particularly within Medicare and Medicaid services.

Uber Health and DUOS are reshaping healthcare access and delivery by leveraging technology to address the social determinants of health. This episode explores the challenges and triumphs of providing vital services like transportation and nutritional support and how these leaders are creating seamless connections between patients and the healthcare ecosystem.

Donovan’s journey through the complexities of healthcare tech reveals how Uber Health is optimizing supplemental benefits to drive better outcomes. Meanwhile, Ulfers shares DUOS’ mission to eliminate barriers for elder patients, ensuring they can navigate and engage with necessary healthcare services efficiently.

At a time when healthcare technology can feel impersonal, these industry leaders are proving that technology, powered by empathy and patient-centricity, can create a sustainable impact. Discover how Uber Health and DUOS are not just riding the wave of healthcare innovation but are steering it towards a more inclusive and effective future.


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