Got a Healthcare IT Renovation Project? We Have a DIY Book for You!

May 20, 2024
Brian Urban


Given the rise of digital transformation demands and the persistent challenges of cybersecurity, a healthcare IT renovation project can be pivotal as industry leaders actively seek guidance on navigating these complex waters.

Why now? What makes the current landscape ripe for a Healthcare IT Renovation Project, and how does one tackle such a monumental task without a roadmap?

Welcome to Healthcare Rethink, a FinThrive Podcast hosted by Brian Urban. This episode examines the nuts and bolts of healthcare IT renovation with guest Susan Snedaker, CIO at El Rio Health and author of “Renovating Healthcare IT: Building the Foundation for Digital Transformation.” This discussion spans the strategic implementation of IT frameworks to addressing real-time challenges faced by healthcare professionals today.

The main points of the conversation include:

  • Strategies for integrating robust cybersecurity measures in healthcare IT systems
  • Best practices for digital transformation in healthcare settings, ensuring both efficiency and compliance
  • The impact of IT renovations on patient care quality and operational efficiency

Susan Snedaker brings a wealth of experience and insight to the table. Before joining El Rio Health as CIO, she honed her skills in various IT roles, including working for Microsoft and as a healthcare IT consultant. Susan’s background includes an MBA and extensive experience in the technical and strategic aspects of IT management in healthcare. Her accolades in the industry are a testament to her deep commitment to enhancing healthcare through technology.

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