Healthcare Needs a GUT Check…Literally!

April 15, 2024
Brian Uridge


As healthcare continues to evolve, the focus on gastrointestinal (GI) health has become more pronounced. With an aging population and modern dietary habits contributing to a rise in GI disorders, healthcare requires a gut check, literally.

The global market is rapidly advancing towards less invasive technologies, personalized nutrition, and virtual care models. The surge in artificial intelligence (AI) applications, is at the heart of an evolution expected to revolutionize early detection and treatment options. According to recent studies, today’s global GI market is $39.5 billion, with projections reaching as high as $64.5 by 2032, reflecting both the challenge and the opportunity ahead.

“What if the future of GI care is already here?” This question beckons an exploration into gut health in the latest episode of Healthcare Rethink, a FinThrive Podcast. Host Brian Urban brings two visionaries into the conversation: Dr. Austin Chiang, a pioneer in endoscopic technology and social medical education, and Sam Holliday, whose company, Oshi Health, is reshaping the approach to GI conditions with its virtual care model.

Several discussion topics include:

  • The multifaceted nature of gut health and its broader implications on overall wellness.
  • Bridging the gap between traditional care and the potential of telehealth and AI.
  • The crucial role of patient education and the de-stigmatization of gut-related discussions.

Dr. Austin Chiang serves as Medtronic’s Chief Medical Officer for Endoscopy. He has recently taken on the role of author with his upcoming book “Gut: An Owner’s Guide.” His path to healthcare, marked by his MD and MPH, showcases a commitment to merging clinical expertise with patient empowerment. His successful engagement with the public through social media underscores the critical need for accurate medical information.

Sam Holliday, CEO and Co-Founder of Oshi Health combines personal experience and professional expertise. His journey began with an individual family challenge and led to creating a company dedicated to offering comprehensive virtual care for GI health. Oshi Health’s success lies in its high-touch, high-frequency approach to patient care, aligning with Holliday’s belief in the power of personalized health interventions.

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