HIMSS 2024: Revolutionizing Healthcare Through The Digital Transformation of Behavioral Health with Dr. Jaqueline Naeem

May 10, 2024
Brian Urban


The rapid proliferation of mental health applications and the ambiguous distinction between mental health and wellness technologies underscore the urgency for clearer regulatory and clinical guidelines in behavioral health. At HIMSS 2024, Dr. Jaqueline Naeem, Senior Medical Director at the Parkland Center for Clinical Innovation, addressed the evolving landscape of mental health technologies. Her talk shed light on the exciting yet daunting influx of over 20,000 mental health apps, raising questions about efficacy and oversight.

Why does the surge in mental health apps matter now? At the HIMSS 2024 conference, the pressing issue was not just the quantity of these apps but their quality and integration into holistic healthcare strategies. How can healthcare ensure these tools truly benefit those they aim to serve?

In this episode of Healthcare Rethink, host Brian Urban explores these critical questions with Dr. Naeem. Recorded live at the HIMSS conference, this discussion delves into the intersection of technology and patient care in the behavioral health sector.

Key Points from the Episode:

  • Growth of Mental Health Apps: The overwhelming presence of mental health applications and the necessity for critical evaluation and oversight
  • Distinction between Health and Wellness: The need for clear definitions and purpose in health applications to avoid confusion and misuse
  • Integration into Holistic Health Strategies: Challenges and opportunities in integrating these technologies into broader health care frameworks to enhance patient care

Dr. Jaqueline Naeem, with her extensive background in psychiatry and role as Senior Medical Director at Parkland Center for Clinical Innovation, brings a unique perspective on integrating technology into behavioral health. Her insights from HIMSS 2024 highlight the critical intersection of technology and patient care.

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