A healthcare app called HealthWallet is helping put patients in the driver’s seat when it comes to navigating their healthcare journey, and is representing a larger, growing capability for IoT use in healthcare. On this episode of the Healthcare Podcast, we spoke to a recurring guest, Ryan Coplon, co-founder of the app HealthWallet. Users get the ability to shop around for common health procedures and use telemedicine to virtually see their doctor. “HealthWallet and our familiarity with the healthcare system came out of our original profession, which was employee benefits consulting,” Coplon said. “So we saw the opportunity based on how antiquated the healthcare system was, to bring services and technology forward.”

The wheels of that antiquated system are slowly starting to turn, and that’s good news for every single person who uses healthcare, Coplon said, especially as IoT capabilities make their way to the consumers hands. “Fortunately or unfortunately, everybody is ultimately a consumer of the healthcare system so it’s got a significant impact when these things start to change.”

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