How myPlace Health is Changing Healthcare

May 10, 2023

From myPlace Health, Rhiannon Iorio Perry MPH and Rob Schreiber MD join the podcast to share their stories and efforts to expand health at home for seniors across the United States. myPlace believes building a new care model—one that provides care and dignity, focusing on the social and physical well-being of elder populations—is the only way to enable their members to enjoy their life to the fullest as they age in their own preferred place, on their own terms, and where they feel the most comfortable.

They discuss:

  • The significant challenges elderly patients face today and how hard is it to navigate services that are crucial for getting at home health and other basic needs
  • How the myPlace PACE (the Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly) model has impacted their members
  • The cost to the US healthcare system and toll on families and caregivers if more thoughtful senior care models aren’t adopted
  • How is myPlace health is addressing social health barriers within the elderly population

Listen in and join the impact being made!

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