Innovation Station: The Future of Sterile Processing

Everything begins with the customer journey to create the innovations that will shape the future of sterile processing. Barry Phetteplace, Chief Technology Officer at Censis, and Susan Isaac, Product Director at Censis, shared the strategy that guides their teams in developing advanced sterile processing solutions.

Isaac said Censis tackles a problem by examining the customer process and finding out what they cannot do today or would like to do better. “Because all innovation, no matter how cool it is and no matter how amazing it looks and feels, at the end of the day, it’s useful only if it truly provides value to the customers.” The approach Censis takes is to examine the customer’s workday, map out their process, and understand their workflow. “Once we understand their entire workflow of the typical day for them, then we try to identify pain points and gaps,” Isaac said.

Through customer research, Phetteplace said Censis found that the pandemic created a situation where workers need to do more with less, and solutions that create efficiencies are in high demand. And one of the best ways to make an impact in creating the correct answer is to understand the data qualitatively.

“Being a SaaS-based company, we have access to all this data,” Phetteplace said. “Starting to sift through that and help provide meaningful analysis is something that many customers are looking for. Help us understand what we’re doing well. Help us understand what we’re not doing so well. What could we do if we’re not doing well? How do we do better? Trying to come up with solutions that highlight those sorts of questions and provide answers are things that we’re going to be focused on and things our customers are going to be looking for.”

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