Innovations in Healthcare: A Discussion with Dr. Craig Joseph at HIMSS 2024

May 24, 2024
Brian Urban


Innovations in healthcare were easy to spot at the recent HIMSS 2024 conference. Healthcare Rethink’s Brian Urban caught up with one of those innovators for a live discussion at HIMSS 2024. podcast, Their conversation opens a window and dialogue into the cutting-edge trends reshaping healthcare technology today.

This episode features Dr. Craig Joseph, the Chief Medical Officer at Nordic Global Consulting and a seasoned author, discussing his transition from pediatric practice to healthcare technology. Specifically, they explore the evolution of digital transformation and innovations in healthcare, a journey from simple electronic record implementations to sophisticated, user-friendly systems that significantly enhance care delivery.

Dr. Joseph shared insights into integrating technology in healthcare, emphasizing the importance of making complex systems accessible and efficient for healthcare professionals and patients. The dialogue also touched on challenges like cybersecurity in the healthcare sector and the critical role of continuous innovation and adaptation in effectively facing these threats.

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