Introducing Robin Goldsmith, Host of Healthcare on Air by Verizon

January 1, 2023

As an industry veteran, Robin Goldsmith stands at the intersection of healthcare and technology, bringing a fresh and nuanced perspective to complex challenges. Known for his strong grasp of the healthcare landscape and rich experience from different roles within the field, Robin adds depth and vibrancy to every conversation. With a fascinating career that includes a stint in voiceover work for high-profile brands like Sony Music and Showtime, he is not just a healthcare expert, but an engaging communicator. As the new host of “Healthcare On Air” by Verizon, Robin looks forward to exploring critical topics and interacting with thought leaders in the healthcare sphere, promising insightful and compelling content for the podcast’s audience.

Recent Episodes

employee health
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Employee health and well-being have become a critical focus for organizations in today’s rapidly evolving workplace. With the increasing prevalence of chronic stress and burnout, especially in healthcare, the stakes are higher than ever. Research shows that  80% of chronic diseases are preventable, emphasizing the need for effective workplace health strategies. How can leaders create…

MSK populations
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Discover how a dynamic duo partnered with innovative, value-based strategies to revolutionize care for MSK populations. As musculoskeletal (MSK) conditions like osteoarthritis and back pain continue to rise, innovative partnerships are vital to delivering effective, value-based care. Recent studies show that MSK conditions are among the leading contributors to disability in the U.S., highlighting…

chief impact officer
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As healthcare challenges become more complex, the role of a chief impact officer in healthcare systems is gaining unprecedented importance. Healthcare Rethink Host Brian Urban explores the growing significance of this role with Lorena Zimmer, the Chief Impact Officer at Denver Health. From her early days as a tobacco program specialist to her current…