Why Do CDI Directors love Iodine Software’s Forecast Module?

January 2, 2023
James Kent


Artificial intelligence is increasingly pivotal in healthcare, improving patient outcomes and healthcare professionals’ work efficacy. One technology making waves in this domain is Iodine Software’s Forecast module, a tool designed to enhance Clinical Documentation Integrity (CDI) by automating dynamic elements of the process. Given the global mid-revenue cycle management/clinical documentation market’s expected reach of $4.55 billion by 2027, the stakes are high for healthcare organizations to ensure accuracy and efficiency in their documentation practices.

Why is Iodine Software’s Forecast module consistently rated as a top product among customers in the healthcare industry? What makes it stand out in a healthcare market teeming with technological advancements in AI?

Sheila Duhon, Director of Clinical Documentation Integrity at Steward Healthcare, shared why Iodine’s Forecast ranks number one on her list.

During this customer testimonial video, Duhon discusses:

  • How Forecast was born out of a need to maintain CDI specialists within their scope and how it facilitates this
  • The way Forecast assists in managing the “moving target” of the working Diagnosis-Related Group (DRG), a key variable that can change throughout the day
  • The overall impact of Forecast on the purity and efficiency of CDI and how it has transformed the workflow for CDI specialists at Steward Healthcare

Sheila Duhon, a seasoned healthcare professional, is the Director of Clinical Documentation Integrity at Steward Healthcare, one of the largest private, physician-led healthcare networks in the United States. With a background in nursing, Duhon has been instrumental in driving advancements in CDI and is known for her customer-centric approach. Under her leadership, Steward Healthcare has partnered with Iodine Software to develop and implement solutions like Forecast, further solidifying its commitment to technological innovation in healthcare.

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