Faster Query recognition is Possible Through Iodine Software’s Interact Module

January 1, 2023
James Kent


Adopting digital technologies and analytics in the healthcare sector revolutionizes the way professionals communicate and collaborate. One area witnessing significant change is Clinical Documentation Integrity (CDI), with tools like Iodine Software’s Interact module streamlining query management. With the global healthcare IT market predicted to reach $441 billion by 2025, the potential for efficiency gains in this area is enormous. It could have profound implications for patient care and health outcomes.

But how does Iodine Software’s Interact module manage to expedite query recognition and communication among healthcare professionals? What makes it stand out among the array of digital solutions available today?

In this episode of Iodine Intelligence, Iodine Software customer Sheila Duhon, Director of Clinical Documentation Integrity at Steward Healthcare, delves into the mechanics of the Iodine Interact module and how it has revolutionized query management at Steward Healthcare.

Highlights from Duhon’s testimonial include:

  • The ease of reconciling queries through the Interact module, which has streamlined communication between CDI specialists, coders, and physicians
  • The immediate impact of the Interact module on workflow efficiency at Steward Healthcare
  • The successful implementation of the Interact module across Steward Healthcare’s 65 acute care facilities, indicating its scalability and adaptability

Sheila Duhon, a seasoned healthcare professional, is the Director of Clinical Documentation Integrity at Steward Healthcare, one of the largest private, physician-led healthcare networks in the United States. With a background in nursing, Duhon has been instrumental in driving advancements in CDI and is known for her customer-centric approach. Under her leadership, Steward Healthcare has partnered with Iodine Software to develop and implement solutions like Forecast, further solidifying its commitment to technological innovation in healthcare.

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