It’ll Take a Village to Deliver the Innovative, Less Invasive, Affordable Solutions to the Healthcare Market with Raja Abid

There’s no getting around the fact that the healthcare industry needs solutions to help solve its myriad challenges. A holistic approach to healthcare solutions is a pathway Raja Abid, Healthcare Economic Leader at Boston Scientific, believes can deliver innovative, less invasive, and affordable solutions to the healthcare market.

Abid kicked off his career in med school. He discovered there were so many facets to healthcare he wanted to learn different sides of the market. Abid got his MBA in healthcare administration, which opened his eyes to the many possibilities for him to make a difference. Keeping an open mind is a trait Abid values, and it’s what guided him through his career and led him to Boston Scientific.

All areas within healthcare offer tremendous value and opportunities to create solutions, but the siloing that often accompanies these areas must dissipate to allow for better communication. “The only way you’re going to improve quality, value, and delivery of care, is when everybody starts talking to each other, builds care pathways that make sense, efficient, and highly effective,” Abid said. Still, Abid believes the next ten years in healthcare will focus on solving this challenge.

In Abid’s role with Boston Scientific, he provides economic support data, so healthcare organizations understand the financial impact of the devices they purchase. A device may seem like a significant spend, but long-term financial benefits and positive patient results generated from that device could be tremendous.

Seeing healthcare from the side of a device manufacturer, Abid knows that solutions come from partnerships. “Medical device companies come up with new products and technologies. We educate the physicians and the patients on their options because, as you can imagine, most patients go to a physician, and a physician’s going to do what they’ve been doing for the last fifteen to twenty years.” Educating the healthcare community on the latest innovations can make all the difference.

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