Tomorrow’s physicians need to think entrepreneurially about digital health care, but it starts with opening up fixed mindsets within higher education that have often discouraged out-of-the-box thinking, says Dr. Arlen Meyers, President & CEO of the Society of Physician Entrpreneurs and our guest today on the Healthcare Podcast. “The reason we created the Society for Physician Entrepreneurs is because every physician, engineer, scientist has a good idea, unfortunately the vast majority have no idea what to do with that good idea. They won’t be taught what to do with that idea in their formal training,” Meyers said.

Breakthroughs will come when entrepreneur-minded physicians work together with health technology companies to create inter-operable solutions. “I don’t believe sick care can be fixed from the inside. It has to be an outside-in collaboration,” Meyers said. “We simply can’t rely on doctors to solve a problem that they contributed to creating. We have to collaborate and innovate our way out of the sick care mess.”

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