Johnny Crowder Utilizes Personal Experiences to Drive Mental Health Support

May 30, 2024


In this episode of the “Highway to Health” podcast, host David Kemp dives into a powerful conversation with Johnny Crowder, the founder and CEO of Cope Notes®. They explore how personal experiences can drive impactful mental health support.

This discussion sheds light on the transformative power of using one’s past challenges to benefit others and Cope Notes’ innovative approach to providing accessible mental health resources.

Crowder shares his journey from severe mental health struggles and abusive environments, one which uniquely positioned him to help others. Crowder’s story is a testament to how personal experiences can drive impactful mental health support, a theme that resonates throughout the interview.

Crowder discusses how he transformed his pain into purpose, using creative outlets like music and public speaking and ultimately founding Cope Notes to provide daily mental health support to people worldwide.

Crowder highlights the importance of physical activity in maintaining mental health, sharing his daily exercise routine and its positive effects on his mood and well-being. He reflects on the universal nature of human experiences, emphasizing that everyone has shared basic needs and challenges despite individual differences. This insight underscores how personal experiences can drive impactful mental health support by fostering empathy and understanding.

The conversation also touches on the flexibility needed to address diverse mental health needs. Crowder explains Cope Notes’ approach of not collecting sensitive personal information, ensuring privacy and accessibility. This strategy allows Cope Notes to provide effective support without the barriers often associated with mental health resources.

Crowder’s message to listeners is clear: remain curious about mental health and continually seek knowledge to improve emotional well-being. He encourages using the podcast as a starting point for further exploration, reinforcing the idea that personal experiences can drive impactful mental health support and inspire others to take action.

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