Applying Oncology Expertise at Scale Part II

June 27, 2022

As a nurse turned content developer, Sharon Cavone has spent the majority of her career in and around oncology. Now with Carevive, Cavone reflects on the important work the company is continuing to put forth into the oncological sector of healthcare.

Oncology is different from most other areas of medicine, as it provides insight into the patient, care, and life. “One of the things that is so incredible about oncology is that we connect with our patients. We develop relationships with our patients. Our patients look at us as their umbilical cord…we walk them over hot coals, is how I talk about…helping someone get through treatment and…we always want our patients to feel well,” Cavone said.

Ultimately, Carevive’s goal is to help patients continue to live life on the best terms they can. “…on the whole they’re going to be better than what they could have been,” Cavone added.

Beyond the relational aspect of oncology, Carevive helps set up and provide insight into each patient’s individual experience. Using the Carevive platform with system management questions, clinicians can better prioritize and manage patient care. The assessment questions provided by Carevive are incredibly comprehensive, giving a great picture of patient reported outcomes and helping clinicians streamline the process of navigating the patient experience.

Cavone said, “I feel like I understand what our clients are looking for…so I understand the kind of pitfalls that our clients have…we can use technology to do it better, we can use technology to mitigate things, to anticipate first and then mitigate and then solve. And that’s what it’s all about.”

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