The last time that Harlan Adler, President of Massachusetts-based Ranfac, joined the Marketscale Healthcare podcast, the world looked different.

COVID-19 was still an epidemic, not a pandemic. There were no reported cases in the U.S. but, worldwide, about 2,000 new cases were reported daily. Now, nine months later, there have been 12.4 million cases total in the U.S., and, worldwide, more than half a million new cases every day.

As a medical device manufacturer, Ranfac has been staying busy as an essential business helping to support medical professionals and their surgical needs. But this year has been anything but routine, with hospital beds filling up with COVID-19 patients and elective surgeries trending down across the board.

In fact, many hospitals and providers began cancelling elective procedures this year to limit their patient’s potential exposure to increased risks of infection. The key to reducing a patient’s infection risk is seven-fold, with seven generally accepted principals of shorter procedure time, minimally invasiveness and other factors. But the difference maker for utmost sterility is the use of medical technology, Adler explained.

Ranfac’s biologics, including bone marrow aspirate, offer sterility from product inception to patient procedure, “meaning that it never leaves the sterile field,” Adler said.

Though elective surgery is a bit of a misnomer, Adler said.

“People hear the term elective surgery and they think it’s something that someone kind of wants but doesn’t really need,” Adler said. “But these can be people in severe pain who need a knee replacement or other types of procedures that their quality of life really depends on.”

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