It’s no secret that children would prefer to skip necessary trips to the doctors for checkups, vaccinations, and emergency appointments when they aren’t feeling their best. Which is why Dr. Corey Fish, Chief Medical Officer of pediatric clinic Brave Care advocates for the significance of clinic design and utilizing technology to create an experience that works for kids and removes the anxiety and fear of going to a doctor’s appointment. He believes that with the right technology and design in medical facilities, you can put patients at ease and provide them with the best possible level of care.

Fear has always been a roadblock of sorts for medical practitioners, but with the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, parents in particular are afraid to bring their children to medical facilities. “There are certainly things that don’t warrant a trip to the doctor’s office or you know to the clinic straightaway. But, you know, we are definitely seeing a trend towards that, which you know is somewhat concerning,” Dr. Fish explained. If a parent waits too long to bring their child in for medical help, the issue they are experiencing can develop in a much worse direction.

He hopes that with the proper design, technology, and safety procedures in place, both parents and children will feel more secure visiting their doctor. “The health and safety of our kids and families is number one priority, you know, just like it always is. And you know now we just have to kind of do some extra, extra steps to really make sure that we can be a safe place and care for folks,” Dr. Fish said.

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