The Voice of the Patient… Heard Through the Megaphone of Data

September 13, 2023
Brian Urban

In this episode of the Healthcare Rethink podcast, host Brian Urban sits down with Dr. Mitesh Rao, CEO of OMNY Health.

Urban and Rao discuss:

  1. Rao’s unique journey to the CEO position at OMNY Health and his vision for the organization and healthcare at large
  2. How to leverage data to drive transformative change in patient care
  3. How data enhances decision making ability and can lead to a reduction in patient outcome disparities

Driven by frustration over limited access to clean, useful data within clinical environments, Dr. Rao saw an opportunity to bridge this gap on a larger scale. Recognizing that existing IT infrastructures were missing a crucial piece of the puzzle for enabling widespread data connectivity between providers and life science organizations, he founded OMNY Health.

OMNY Health operates within the entire healthcare ecosystem to facilitate partnerships between providers and life science organizations. By connecting real-world clinical data with research opportunities in areas such as rare diseases, safety studies, social determinants of health (SDOH), health equity concerns, and more, OMNY Health aims to transform both patient care practices and the future of healthcare.

Dr. Rao emphasizes that deepening patient engagement is crucial for overcoming current challenges in healthcare delivery. He highlights how unstructured data—often neglected within traditional clinical approaches—can play a pivotal role in capturing patients’ experiences, hurdles, and challenges. Incorporating this rich information allows for a more comprehensive understanding of the patient journey.

Clinical trial diversity has become a critical focus within the healthcare industry due to regulatory changes mandating representation across population groups. OMNY Health recognizes that democratizing access to trials is essential for equitable healthcare delivery. To address this challenge, the company prioritizes partnerships with community health systems serving underserved communities with high risks and burdens of disease. By establishing a national data layer representative of all demographics, they work towards providing equal opportunities for research participation irrespective of geographic location or socioeconomic status.

Dr. Rao’s vision at OMNY Health is hinged on leveraging data connectivity to drive transformative change in healthcare. By empowering providers and patients alike through comprehensive datasets that incorporate both clinical and non-clinical dimensions, OMNY Health aims to enhance decision-making processes while simultaneously addressing disparities in care delivery.

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