Top 3 Trends Related to Patient Experience for Healthcare

As we all know, technology makes everyday life easier. And as technology continues to interweave more thoroughly into our daily existence, patients will expect their healthcare services to advance in tandem. If physicians and staff wish to retain customers, they must provide superior customer service and accessibility.

Today, sophisticated programs are available that can help practices become trendsetters in the customer service area of their industry. Indeed, with aspects that allow the use of more comprehensive data for better diagnoses, provide better engagement, and make it easy for patients to take charge of their health, physicians who aren’t willing to embrace new technologies risk the health of their practice.

More Personalization and Engagement

The days in which successful physicians only speak to patients within their office walls are coming to an end. Just as people connect with their favorite brands and celebrities on social media, the online engagement between doctors and patients will become necessarily mandatory. Not only can physicians expect to see more reviews on Facebook, but they should also implement robust patient portals to keep up with trends. Portals provide a connection between patients, physicians, and staff, fostering patient-centered care.

Easier Processes

Physicians often become frustrated by patients who neglect making their necessary appointments, refilling vital medications, or taking charge of their health. However, it’s important to remember that these tasks can be both time-consuming and frustrating. Perhaps that’s why 42% of patients prefer to schedule appointments online.

As current trends pick up steam, patients will be able to schedule appointments, make payments, refill prescriptions, and more, at their leisure. This can lead to better outcomes for the patient, and the physician’s practice as well. In fact, 26% of appointments that patients schedule online tend to fill up same-day or next-day appointments—meaning no more empty slots!

Data for Diagnoses

Today’s physicians are faced with a clear choice: diagnose and treat patients based on the limited information presented at a single visit, or use a lifetime of health data to get the full picture of a patient’s health. Thanks to advanced software, the second scenario will inevitably become commonplace. This data can lead to more accurate diagnoses and better treatment for each patient.

How an EHR System Can Help

Technology is changing the way doctors interact with patients and how practices handle customer service. Any practice that wants to keep up with (or even set) trends in customer service needs a comprehensive EHR system. Learn how Chart Logic can help you provide better care while growing your practice.


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