Adrienne Hamilton says

It seems healthcare professionals at care facilities are trying to do more with less time and resources: more patients, fewer nurses, less reimbursement from Medicare, and rising demands from health insurance companies.

But at a time when some patients — an estimated 650,000 annually — are coming out of hospitals sicker than they were before due to hospital-acquired infections, it’s clear that solutions are needed. To discuss this on today’s episode of the Healthcare Podcast, host Shelby Skrhak sat down with Adrienne Hamilton, Director of Marketing and Sales Operations for AliMed.

The Massachusetts-based company manufactures and sells healthcare products used in patient rooms, operating rooms, long-term health care facilities, and doctors’ offices. More than simply selling medical supplies, AliMed is partnering its company mission with the healthcare industry to save time, reduce costs, and substantially reduce the risk of infection for its patients.

“As a nation, we’re under a lot of pressure to reduce costs and certainly improve patient outcomes by reducing infection control,” Hamilton said. “Part of reducing costs is becoming more efficient.”

Hamilton shared how operating room turnover kits, a prepackaged bundle of disposable table sheets, pillowcases, arm board covers, hamper liners, and straps, are emerging as a trend in medical supplies and how she discovered the eminent need for them in one hospital setting, where nurses were asked to assemble similar kits for overtime.

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