Understanding Carevive SMART Data™

January 1, 2023

In a world inundated with vast amounts of healthcare data, making sense of it all can be overwhelming. The questions arise – how do we determine what’s meaningful and actionable amidst the sea of information from various sources?

Enter Carevive SMART Data, a game-changer that helps healthcare professionals extract valuable insights from disparate treatment options, drug dosages, interactions, and care delivery data. This digital oncology platform combines EHR-derived clinical data and longitudinal patient-reported outcomes, creating a comprehensive picture of symptoms, disease, and treatment response.

One remarkable example of its utility lies in improved transparency across the care team. Physicians can seamlessly access discrete ePROs data, track trends, and gauge symptom severity, while the nursing team receives proactive notifications, empowering them to engage with patients in real-time and offer personalized care.

Carevive SMART Data streamlines the patient-care team interaction, reducing severe symptoms, hospitalizations, and ultimately improving patient outcomes. By sifting through and identifying the most relevant and actionable data, Carevive SMART Data elevates healthcare decision-making to a whole new level.

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