As the US ramps up its COVID vaccine distribution, major gaps in the supply chain and logistics strategy are becoming clear. Healthcare agencies and public health officials alike are scrambling to get the vaccines to the people who need it most, but so far, the country is falling far short of its vaccination goals.

The federal government aimed to reach 20 million vaccinations by the end of 2020. However, recent numbers have revealed that 22 million doses have been distributed so far and only 6.7 million people have been vaccinated.

Daniel Litwin meets with Justin Beck, the founder of Contakt World, to learn why these challenges are happening in the first place and provide solutions to help public health officials pick up the pace.

The struggle that healthcare officials are dealing with right now comes from two things, according to Beck: “a lack of a federally-coordinated response — meaning standards, procedures, and funding that comes from the federal government — and a historical dearth of resources to public health agencies.”

“The reason we’re in this spot today is because we have historically provided 2-3% of funding that goes to healthcare providers in this country to public health agencies,” he continued. “So when they’re tasked with managing testing, contact tracing, vaccination, and being involved in those things, it’s impossible when they’re already underfunded to perform the basics, and then you throw a pandemic in their lap.”

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