Values-Driven Leadership Fosters Excellent Patient Care and Strong Staff Morale

June 7, 2024
Kevin Stevenson


In a time when healthcare professionals face unprecedented challenges, values-driven leadership has never been more critical. With rising demands and limited resources, especially in rural communities, fostering a positive work environment through effective communication is paramount. Recent research highlights that organizations with strong leadership and communication practices report higher employee satisfaction and better patient outcomes, demonstrating the significant impact of these strategies.

Why is values-driven leadership so vital in healthcare today? How can leaders make a meaningful impact on their teams and patients?

On this episode of “I Don’t Care,” host Dr. Kevin Stevenson welcomes Dr. David Schreiner, President and CEO of Katherine Shaw Bethea Hospital and author of the best-selling book “Be the Best Part of Their Day.” Together, they delve into practical strategies for enhancing communication and leadership within healthcare organizations.

Key Points of Conversation

  • Expressing Gratitude: Dr. Schreiner emphasizes the importance of recognizing and celebrating the contributions of healthcare workers regularly.
  • Multiple Channels of Communication: Effective leadership requires using various communication methods to reach all employees, considering their diverse circumstances and preferences.
  • Mission-Focused Leadership: Keeping the organizational mission at the forefront of all interactions helps unify and motivate teams.

Dr. David Schreiner, a seasoned healthcare executive, has led Katherine Shaw Bethea Hospital for 13 years. With a background in values-driven leadership and a successful track record in rural healthcare management, Dr. Schreiner brings a wealth of experience and insight to his discussion with Dr. Kevin Stevenson.

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