Transform Legal Transcription: The Powerful Partnership of TranscribeMe and Stenograph

June 7, 2023
rizwan ullah

In this podcast episode, the host, Ray Haddad, discusses the partnership between TranscribeMe and Stenograph. The guests include Anir Dutta, President of Stenograph, Nathan Pickover, COO at TranscribeMe, and Michael Duffy, former head of Bridges digital reporting department at Veritext.

Core reporting agencies choose to work with TranscribeMe because they excel in difficult use cases that require high accuracy and consistency. By partnering with Stenograph, they can integrate their technology into their systems and processes to enhance worker efficiency. The combination of TranscribeMe’s workforce and Stenograph’s technology ensures accurate and consistent legal transcriptions, which is crucial in the legal industry.

Overall, the podcast episode highlights the partnership between TranscribeMe and Stenograph as a valuable solution for the reporting industry, addressing the need for accurate and consistent legal transcriptions in the face of a resource shortage.

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