Field Controls EvenAir Comfort Control System

January 1, 2023
rizwan ullah

Uneven temperatures in homes can be a frustrating issue, with some areas being too hot or too cold compared to others. Field Controls understands this problem and has introduced the Even Air Comfort Control System, a breakthrough in residential home comfort.

Whether you have a one-story or two-story home, Even Air automatically controls heating, cooling, and airflow in the sleeping and living areas, providing year-round comfort without the need for a zoning panel or bypass damper. This innovative system dynamically adjusts airflow based on temperature differences between different spaces in the home, ensuring optimal comfort.

During heating and cooling cycles, the Even Air thermostat compares the temperatures in the sleeping and living areas every two minutes. If there’s a temperature difference of more than two degrees, the Even Air damper automatically adjusts to increase airflow where it’s needed most.

Not only does Even Air solve the comfort problem, but it also offers cost savings. Compared to traditional zoning systems, Even Air reduces material costs by 42% to 57% and minimizes labor expenses. Additionally, it eliminates the need for HERS testing since there are no zonal modes to test.

Field Controls offers two options for Even Air systems: wired thermostat models for residential new construction projects and plug-and-play communicating thermostat models for add-ons or replacements. Both options provide a simple, effective, and affordable solution to achieve dual-area comfort in existing homes without the hassle and expense of installing a dual-zone system.

Visit to learn more about the Field Controls Even Air Comfort Control System. Experience better air for better living with Field Controls.

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