As a business model, AirBnB sounds like a great alternative to a bed and breakfast. AirBnB gives a warm, home feeling to each guest instead of sometimes a stale environment of a chain hotel. But with the horror stories we hear from AirBnB guests and sometimes the owners of the house being rented, it’s obvious that this business model would implode on itself due to the cautionary fear some people may have about it. A survey done by Morgan Stanley reported by The Real Deal had this to say,” Though the number of travelers booking their accommodations through Airbnb is still rising, 80 percent of travelers are now knowledgeable of the service and many still choose other options. The survey also found that an increasing number of respondents who hadn’t booked through Airbnb said they didn’t use the service because of concerns about safety and privacy.” Every negative story about this service will continue to shed even more light on a hotel as the best option to go while travelling.