WATCH: The Best Times for Vacation Deals in 2018, By the Month

Novice and veteran travelers alike know the value of a good deal to a destination they’ve had on their bucket list for a while. Unfortunately, finding those deals can sometimes boil down to the luck of the draw. Being able to predict the best times of year to book a trip to your dream city can mean the difference between snagging a deal and missing it completely. Recently, released a list of places to visit when they’re at their most inexpensive. took the average price per night of common three, four, and five star hotels in various cities around the globe. Then, it generated a list made up of these destinations when the deals are ripe. If you’re planning a trip to any of these cities, prepare to be on the lookout for discounts and deals before they arrive. 

January — Copenhagen, Denmark

February — Buenos Aires, Argentina

March — Kuta, Indonesia

April — Zurich, Switzerland

May — Melbourne, Australia

June — Chiang Mai, Thailand

July — Abu Dhabi, UAE

August — Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

September — Mexico City, Mexico

October — Auckland, New Zealand

November — Athens, Greece

December — Amsterdam, the Netherlands

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