The greatest power one can extract from social media is its ability to connect us all. When used right, this power allows us to learn what is going on with the world around us in real time. Businesses can especially capitalize on this, and today we take a look at one occupation that has interestingly benefited from this new age of connectivity: the barber industry.

We sat down with Joel Huerta, owner & instructor at Dallas Blends Barber Academy, to get insight into how he uses social media to stay connected with other barbers, and how he instructs his students to do the same.

We looked at the benefits of digital communities for a barber, like using Twitter and Facebook to stay up to date on hair trends and international styles, and showcasing artistic cuts on Instagram.

Huerta paints a picture of the barber community as a growing group that continually learns and develops through one another using the power of technology and social media.

“[Cutting hair] is an art in itself, you got to learn with the basics and start with the simple stuff,” Huerta said.

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