Will Robotic Baristas Be the New Normal?

Restaurants have integrated digital elements for several years now. Between interactive ordering kiosks or delivery service apps, the ordering and dining experience has become continually less personal.

The kitchen has always been technologically advanced, and now customers are getting a firsthand look. Futurist and LinkedIn Top Voice on Tech Cathy Hackl shared this video explaining how people at Cafe X in San Francisco, California can receive a robot-made cup of coffee today.

Customers can order their drinks on the Cafe X app on their smartphone or do so in-store on a digital touchscreen. According to Hackl, the robotic barista serves close to 300 cups of coffee each day and Cafe X has since expanded to several more locations across California. The coffee shop opened in January 2017.

You can see Hackl’s full commentary on the experience here.

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